Mustache Mug

Mustache items are all the rage lately. I came across this fun and adorable DIY Mustache Mug tutorial from The Tortoise And The Hare. They point out that it would be a great Father’s Day gift, and I agree, but why stop there? I can think of a ton of people on my Christmas list who would get a kick out of this gift. All you need is a mug, a sharpie, Pebeo gel stain, and an oven.

mustache mug

I “mustache” you, who will you be making this mug for?


Wine Cork Letters

Are you a wine lover? I’ve been saving my wine corks for quite some time now, with no real purpose in mind but I just knew that they might come in handy someday. That day has come! Check out this fun idea from

wine letters

It’s a simple wooden letter with wine corks attached to make for some fun home decor. This would be perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift! Finally, an idea that involves wine and crafting!

Free Printables!!!!

I’ve been on a redecorating kick lately. Who am I kidding, I am always redecorating. Lately, I’ve been moving quite a bit of furniture around, which means new wall space to hang art and family photos. I like to fill frames with personal pictures with fun pieces and collage them together on one wall.

So I present to you… my collection of links for great (free) DIY printables!! Not only am I using these for myself, but I will also be framing them and giving to friends for Christmas! All you need is a frame (get them at Hobby Lobby when they are 50% off!), a computer and a printer! Or you could send them to a printing store such as Kinko’s or your local copy shop. Did I mention that they are all FREE!!

Colorful USA map

Positive Printables

Vintage Printables

Ghandi’s Top 10 Fundamentals

Be Awesome Today

Something Good In Everyday

Julia Child Quote

Keep Calm and Make Coffee

Mother and Daughter Quote

Lived The Life She Imagined

Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Retro Kitchen Art

What I Love Most About My Home… Is Who I Share It With

Bathroom Printables and More!!!!!

Home Sweet Home, All You Need Is Love, and La Vie Est Belle


Which ones are your favorites?

Easy Breezy Lovely Lace Pottery

This weekend, I found an amazing simple tutorial for creating beautiful lace pottery. I am very excited to try this one out! There are 2 links here, one is the original post by Karen from and the other is the copied tutorial from Victoria Magazine. All you need is a rolling pin, porcelain clay, a doily, a sponge, and about 2 days time to allow it to dry. I can’t believe it’s so easy to make something this beautiful!

lace pottery

Who will you be making these lovely bowls for?

Peppermint playdough

A couple of weeks ago I posted about gifting DIY Peppermint Hand Scrub and now here is a peppermint gift for the kiddos. Yummy smelling homemade Peppermint Playdough! Actually, I can think of a couple of adults on my list who would enjoy this one, too! 🙂

peppermint playdough

A big thank you to The Idea Room for posting this great tutorial!

It’s not about the Benjamin’s, baby.

Although giving a gift is a showing of affection and appreciation, there is a certain etiquette that should be followed. It can be tricky to figure out what is appropriate to give (ie the difference between your sister and your boss). Thankfully, Lauren Conrad posted an article on her blog that lays out the rules for appropriate gift giving, Ladylike Laws: Holiday Gift Giving Etiquette.

Her “rules” don’t come off as domineering, but more as helpful tips to ease the stress of certain situations. My favorite: don’t worry about giving something that has the same monetary value of what they gave you. Instead, figure out something nice that you can afford within your means. I know this comes off as a duh tip, but it never fails, each year I tend to stress about what to give certain people who I know always spend a lot of money on me. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone is in a different financial situation and doesn’t always have the same holiday budget. If you give something nice and sentimental, it will show you are being thoughtful and showing appreciation, without putting yourself into debt.

I used to always stress about what to give my Mother-In-Law every Christmas. She always showers us with amazing expensive gifts (Juicy Couture anyone?) and I always felt a pang of guilt for not giving something monetarily equivalent. But then I realized, she’s giving these awesome gifts not because she has to and not because she can, but it’s because she loves us more than anything. This realization was what got me started in DIY gift giving. Her love for my husband, daughter and I is what she cares most about. So I started making her sentimental gifts related to our family. This handprint keepsake was my inspiration for one of our gifts last year. I used my husband’s and daughter’s handprint, had them both sign the bottom, and put it in a nice frame (from Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off *wink*). She loved it! How do I know? Because she is an amazing decorator and only has extremely nice high end things displayed. Where is this handprint keepsake? In the middle of her fireplace mantel, only the most eye drawing place in the living room. Score!

It’s not about how much you spend, but how much you show you care. This Christmas, we are going to make a 49 Reasons Why I Love You card display. Each card will have a different reason of love and it will be filled with quotes from me, my husband, and my daughter. She inspires each of us in different ways, and I’m excited to put all our loving thoughts into this one.

49 reasons

She’s probably going to cry, maybe I should gift some tissues too! What sentimental gift have you made for your loved ones?


I am always searching the internet for  DIY craft ideas and come across some really great websites. My friends Katie and Angela at Books and Bows and I did a little network analysis and submitted some of our ideas to the supernode

What interest(s) does the supernode cater to?
The supernode caters to DIY crafters. It is for crafters who have created DIY projects and have the descriptions and tutorials featured on their own websites. It is also for people looking for inspiration and ideas for their own crafting needs.

How does it build a community around those interests?
Craft Gossip scours the net looking for the best craft ideas and projects and reviews them for the users.  They feature sub-blogs of each craft submitted and accepted on their homepage and in their sub-categories. Each sub-blog has a “repin” button so users can pin the items and send them directly to their Pinterest boards.

Who generally uses and/or contributes content to the supernode’s network?
The people who are interested and use Craft Gossip are DIY crafters who love making items from scratch. Users submit a picture of their craft and a link to their website with the description and tutorial.

How does the supernode promote its network and attract new users and content?
This super node has almost daily contests and giveaways to entice users to visit and participate regularly. They are also on twitter @CraftGossip and on Facebook. They post the latest ideas from their site to these social networks to remind users and followers to return to the site and check out the latest posts.

Why do they choose to submit their content to that network (instead of or in addition to other venues)?
Users choose to submit their content to Craft Gossip because the main page is visually appealing with sub-blogs. Each sub-blog has its own editor so that the submitter knows they are getting the best information possible from an expert in that particular field.

In what ways can users engage with content and communicate with other users of that network?
Each sub-blog tells who the idea is from and includes a link to the main blog. Users can engage with the content by clicking on the tutorial link and be taken to the original users webpage. They can see the exact craft tutorial and engage in other items on the site. They can communicate with the other Craft Gossip users/contributors by reaching out to them on their personal site.

What innovative features distinguish this supernode from similar websites that appear to host less thriving networks?
The most innovative feature that Craft Gossip offers is the use of individual editors for each subject type. Each topic has a specific editor that is an expert in that subject. The topics with individual editors include: knitting, candle making, indie crafts, cross-stitch, wedding crafts, home and garden, quilting, lesson plans, edible, glass art, bath and body, scrapbooking, needlework, sewing, polymer clay, stamping, jewelry making, felting, crochet, recycled crafts, and craft gossip.

Do you have a great craft idea? You should spread the love and submit it to a supernode like Craft Gossip!

Instagram Instacards

I’ve pretty much wasted the whole day on Instagram. I love it. Now to turn my procrastination causing obsession into something useful. This tutorial from Rachael at gives a great step-by-step on creating DIY Instacards! Rachael says, “This year I thought I would combine my addiction to Instagram and the Christmas season into one lovely idea for a gift box full of your treasured Instagram memories – in cards of course. The hardest part of this quick and easy DIY is choosing which photos to use!” I love this idea! Will you be making instacards this season?

To DIY or not to DIY

When is it appropriate to give handmade gifts? Alan Henry at, wrote an insightful and informative article that could keep your DIY gift from being a flop to a hit. Stick to what you know. If you don’t sew, don’t attempt to make an outfit that requires a sewing machine. Know your audience. Don’t waste your time gifting something they can make better themselves, already have, or don’t need. Henry says,“Giving a handmade, DIY gift of food, clothing, art, or a useful household item is a great idea, as long as you know you can do it well, and you’re sure they’ll love it.”

I come across adorable gift ideas that require sewing or knitting all the time. I’ve inherited a lot of great traits from my Mother, but sadly her sewing talent is not one of them. I wish I could make these items, but I’m not confident in how they would turn out. Maybe one day I will attempt to make something requiring a sewing machine, but it’s definitely not something I would pawn on to someone else. I make what I know I will be able to do well. The whole concept of DIY gifting is to make a unique something that is giftable and looks store bought. The only time someone wants something that looks it came from elementary school art class, is if it’s from their own elementary aged child.

Not to mention the stress involved in attempting to create something you know nothing about. Usually when you are creating a gift, you have a certain person in mind and a certain event to present it. There is nothing worse than attempting, failing, and being in a time crunch. That’s when you end up not gifting a DIY at all and end if buying a last minute gift card.

I believe that DIY gifting is great for any occasion, but as Henry says, know your audience. For instance, wedding showers and baby showers usually have a gift registry request on the invitation. As says, registrys should “be used as a guide” and “guests aren’t obligated to shop from the registry list. It’s perfectly acceptable to call the hostess to find out if there’s anything in particular the happy couple desires”. Since baby and wedding showers are life changing events that require certain items, I prefer to purchase an item from the registry and make a DIY gift to coordinate. I am still providing the receiver with what’s needed and also giving my heartfelt unique gift.

A great DIY gift for a baby or wedding shower is this Framed Monogram Letter from You could monogram with the couples last name or the baby’s first name initial. I could see the receiver placing this on their mantel or baby shelf. Happy Crafting!

A gift, just because

I bookmarked this DIY gift idea a couple of weeks ago.I filed it under Teacher Appreciation, maybe something my daughter can give to her teacher as a part of her Christmas gift or teacher appreciation next May. And then I was at Target. Let me just say… I.LOVE.TARGET. Now that I have that off my chest, there were these adorable little coffee themed post it pads and coffee themed pens, all for $1. So I snatched a bunch up and thought, why wait for a specific day to give this gift? We appreciate our daughter’s teacher 365 days a year. So we whipped it up and we gave it on a Wednesday, just because.