Out with the old sweater, in with the new pillow!

With the cooler weather coming in, it’s time to put away all the tank tops and shorts and pull out the hoodies and sweaters. I use this season switcharoo as a chance to simplify and declutter my closet by cleaning out the items I’m never going to wear and making room for the new (yay!). The idea is simple, but the task can seem overwhelming. Need some advice and inspiration? Check out this helpful article by Ashley Strickland over at CNN. Ashley talks to the experts including Jill Martin, co-author of “I Have Nothing to Wear!”, about her 12-step program which helps women “edit” their closets and simplify their lives.

Jill Martin performs a closet cleanse on “The Today Show”. Before (left) and after (right).

Ok, now what to do with all these no longer needed sweaters? Let’s take this old sweater, and make this new pillow!

Just follow this simple tutorial from Megan at BrassyApple.com. This cozy sweater pillow would be great for moms, grandparents, teachers, co-workers, and new home owners. Let’s add baby showers and new mommies to the list, too! How cute would this be in a nursery rocker? Neutral colors would be great for a boy or girl, or you could go gender specific with pink or blue! Oh baby!


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