People are getting crafty for Christmas

I’ve discovered Storify. A neat website that collects and organizes topics from social mediums and allows users to create a story with what they find. I did a Twitter and Facebook search for DIY gifts. You can see my “story” here.

Since it’s the middle of October, I was surprised at how many people are already getting ready for Christmas. So productive! It’s great to see people excited about making homemade crafty gifts for their friends and family. What will you be making for your loved ones this year? I know one thing I’ll be making for sure is homemade peppermint scrub! I made about 20 jars of this last year for family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. It was a huge success and even better, it’s incredibly easy to make.

Some advice with this… 1. If you plan on making a lot of these and don’t have enough jars to recycle, buy your jars NOW! When it gets closer to Christmas, stores will be completely stripped bare of all jars and jar related items. (Seriously, it’s crazy.) With the recent success of Pinterest and interest in DIY, everyone needs jars for their gifts. I learned this the hard way last Christmas. This year, I’ve been stocking up by buying and saving jars all year.2. I had a hard time finding peppermint essential oil. If your ahead of the game, you can order it online. Because I decided to make this at the last minute, I needed to buy mine locally. I found mine at The Vitamin Shoppe.

Bookmark this great idea so you’re ready for the holidays! And don’t forget to make some for yourself, too. You deserve it! Happy crafting!


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