I am always searching the internet for  DIY craft ideas and come across some really great websites. My friends Katie and Angela at Books and Bows and I did a little network analysis and submitted some of our ideas to the supernode

What interest(s) does the supernode cater to?
The supernode caters to DIY crafters. It is for crafters who have created DIY projects and have the descriptions and tutorials featured on their own websites. It is also for people looking for inspiration and ideas for their own crafting needs.

How does it build a community around those interests?
Craft Gossip scours the net looking for the best craft ideas and projects and reviews them for the users.  They feature sub-blogs of each craft submitted and accepted on their homepage and in their sub-categories. Each sub-blog has a “repin” button so users can pin the items and send them directly to their Pinterest boards.

Who generally uses and/or contributes content to the supernode’s network?
The people who are interested and use Craft Gossip are DIY crafters who love making items from scratch. Users submit a picture of their craft and a link to their website with the description and tutorial.

How does the supernode promote its network and attract new users and content?
This super node has almost daily contests and giveaways to entice users to visit and participate regularly. They are also on twitter @CraftGossip and on Facebook. They post the latest ideas from their site to these social networks to remind users and followers to return to the site and check out the latest posts.

Why do they choose to submit their content to that network (instead of or in addition to other venues)?
Users choose to submit their content to Craft Gossip because the main page is visually appealing with sub-blogs. Each sub-blog has its own editor so that the submitter knows they are getting the best information possible from an expert in that particular field.

In what ways can users engage with content and communicate with other users of that network?
Each sub-blog tells who the idea is from and includes a link to the main blog. Users can engage with the content by clicking on the tutorial link and be taken to the original users webpage. They can see the exact craft tutorial and engage in other items on the site. They can communicate with the other Craft Gossip users/contributors by reaching out to them on their personal site.

What innovative features distinguish this supernode from similar websites that appear to host less thriving networks?
The most innovative feature that Craft Gossip offers is the use of individual editors for each subject type. Each topic has a specific editor that is an expert in that subject. The topics with individual editors include: knitting, candle making, indie crafts, cross-stitch, wedding crafts, home and garden, quilting, lesson plans, edible, glass art, bath and body, scrapbooking, needlework, sewing, polymer clay, stamping, jewelry making, felting, crochet, recycled crafts, and craft gossip.

Do you have a great craft idea? You should spread the love and submit it to a supernode like Craft Gossip!