Mustache Mug

Mustache items are all the rage lately. I came across this fun and adorable DIY Mustache Mug tutorial from The Tortoise And The Hare. They point out that it would be a great Father’s Day gift, and I agree, but why stop there? I can think of a ton of people on my Christmas list who would get a kick out of this gift. All you need is a mug, a sharpie, Pebeo gel stain, and an oven.

mustache mug

I “mustache” you, who will you be making this mug for?


Peppermint playdough

A couple of weeks ago I posted about gifting DIY Peppermint Hand Scrub and now here is a peppermint gift for the kiddos. Yummy smelling homemade Peppermint Playdough! Actually, I can think of a couple of adults on my list who would enjoy this one, too! 🙂

peppermint playdough

A big thank you to The Idea Room for posting this great tutorial!

Instagram Instacards

I’ve pretty much wasted the whole day on Instagram. I love it. Now to turn my procrastination causing obsession into something useful. This tutorial from Rachael at gives a great step-by-step on creating DIY Instacards! Rachael says, “This year I thought I would combine my addiction to Instagram and the Christmas season into one lovely idea for a gift box full of your treasured Instagram memories – in cards of course. The hardest part of this quick and easy DIY is choosing which photos to use!” I love this idea! Will you be making instacards this season?

A gift, just because

I bookmarked this DIY gift idea a couple of weeks ago.I filed it under Teacher Appreciation, maybe something my daughter can give to her teacher as a part of her Christmas gift or teacher appreciation next May. And then I was at Target. Let me just say… I.LOVE.TARGET. Now that I have that off my chest, there were these adorable little coffee themed post it pads and coffee themed pens, all for $1. So I snatched a bunch up and thought, why wait for a specific day to give this gift? We appreciate our daughter’s teacher 365 days a year. So we whipped it up and we gave it on a Wednesday, just because.

So I made a cake… out of diapers

Hey guys! One of my best girlfriends had her baby shower last weekend and while I did get her some things off of her registry, I had to throw in a little DIY gift! I wanted to make her one of those super cute diaper cakes I’ve seen at so many other showers, and this was my first time to make one. This diaper cake was my visual inspiration and I followed this video tutorial for step-by-step instructions. Here is a picture of my finished “cake”. Fabulous!