To DIY or not to DIY

When is it appropriate to give handmade gifts? Alan Henry at, wrote an insightful and informative article that could keep your DIY gift from being a flop to a hit. Stick to what you know. If you don’t sew, don’t attempt to make an outfit that requires a sewing machine. Know your audience. Don’t waste your time gifting something they can make better themselves, already have, or don’t need. Henry says,“Giving a handmade, DIY gift of food, clothing, art, or a useful household item is a great idea, as long as you know you can do it well, and you’re sure they’ll love it.”

I come across adorable gift ideas that require sewing or knitting all the time. I’ve inherited a lot of great traits from my Mother, but sadly her sewing talent is not one of them. I wish I could make these items, but I’m not confident in how they would turn out. Maybe one day I will attempt to make something requiring a sewing machine, but it’s definitely not something I would pawn on to someone else. I make what I know I will be able to do well. The whole concept of DIY gifting is to make a unique something that is giftable and looks store bought. The only time someone wants something that looks it came from elementary school art class, is if it’s from their own elementary aged child.

Not to mention the stress involved in attempting to create something you know nothing about. Usually when you are creating a gift, you have a certain person in mind and a certain event to present it. There is nothing worse than attempting, failing, and being in a time crunch. That’s when you end up not gifting a DIY at all and end if buying a last minute gift card.

I believe that DIY gifting is great for any occasion, but as Henry says, know your audience. For instance, wedding showers and baby showers usually have a gift registry request on the invitation. As says, registrys should “be used as a guide” and “guests aren’t obligated to shop from the registry list. It’s perfectly acceptable to call the hostess to find out if there’s anything in particular the happy couple desires”. Since baby and wedding showers are life changing events that require certain items, I prefer to purchase an item from the registry and make a DIY gift to coordinate. I am still providing the receiver with what’s needed and also giving my heartfelt unique gift.

A great DIY gift for a baby or wedding shower is this Framed Monogram Letter from You could monogram with the couples last name or the baby’s first name initial. I could see the receiver placing this on their mantel or baby shelf. Happy Crafting!